Frequently Asked Questions

Does your cannabis oil cause a person to feel 'high'?

Our oils are formulated for medicinal purposes and should be used according to the standard dosage listed on the website as 1 drop in the morning and 3 drops at night. At this dosage you will not experience any psychoactivity - at most some customers report very vivid dreams for the first few nights but this subsides as the body builds up tollerance to the THC. In cases of severe ailments people do increase thier dosage however this should be done gradually and preferably after chatting to our formulation specialist., Should our oil be abused it will cause psychoactivity.

How do I administer the drops?

There are instructions on the bottle. Ideally you want to drop the oil according to the recommended dosage under the tongue and allow it to sit there for a few minutes. For the best result do not eat or drink anything for atleast 10 - 15 minutes after taing the drops.

Do I have to keep the oil in the fridge?

In the warmer months it is definately advisable. In the fridge our oils have a conservative shelf life of 3 months. At room temperature this is reduced.

I’m going to try and make a topical cream for my husband, would you by any chance know what a good carrier would be?

If you were to go to any Dischem there are many non perfumed / non alcohol creams that you could choose from - Natures Choice makes a really good one. Allot of our customers also use an organic coconut oil which is also good. Ratios would vary on the severity of the pain and one’s tolerance to the pain. Generally 5 - 10 drops per finger scoop of cream is effective.